40 Adults & Children Discovered Living in Squalid 'Incest Town'

A shocking incest "cult" has been discovered nestled in the hills near Sydney, Australia, and the sickening details have disturbed the entire country. At least 40 adults and children were discovered living in squalid conditions and suffering from a wide array of health issues and deformities as a result of massive inbreeding. The "family," all of them descendents of a brother and sister who had 13 children four generations ago, were discovered after people in a nearby town called authorities to say that children in the hills were not going to school. Authorities describe the shanty incest town as one of the worst cases of incest ever made public.


At the village, which authorities are calling "Colt" after one of the founding members, children and adults lived in two broken-down caravans and some shoddy tents, and didn't have running water, electricity, health care, or education.

Judging by the malnourished bodies, they had little food too. Yet the family, which moved from place to place, went undiscovered until four generations had been born, virtually all of them the product of inbreeding and incest. The children began having sex with each other and older relatives as soon as they were old enough.

The village's living conditions were reportedly appalling, with dirt caked everywhere, rotten food strewn about, and a kangaroo sleeping in one child's bed. There were no showers or toilets, and the children often didn't know how to wash themselves or even what toilet paper was. Most of them had severe dental problems.

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Many had deformities and health issues -- many of the teens had hearing, sight, and speech problems and were developmentally far behind. One child had misaligned eyes, another had severe psoriasis. One child died from Zellweger syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that usually kills within one year of birth.

Most of the children are now in foster homes and receiving treatment for physical and psychological issues.

Thank goodness these children were discovered before another generation could be born into this genetically dangerous and emotionally traumatic mess.

Would you think stories like this could happen today?


Image via Vmenkov/Wikipedia Commons

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