Mother of 9 Arrested for Starving Newborn

A woman has been charged with starving her newborn baby to the point where its body started to eat its own muscle mass. The Georgia woman, Jamie Lynn Bentley, 33, reportedly fed the baby only two ounces of food every six hours from the day he was born. At the age of 6 weeks, the infant apparently weighed less than he did when he was born!


The baby, now 8 weeks old, is in the hospital and has returned to his original birth weight. But that is still underweight for an 8-week-old baby.

According to police, the mom is a drug abuser. She also has eight other kids! I was wondering how someone who abused her infant in this way would manage to go 33 years without having one. Normally by the time a woman is 33 years old and decided to have a baby for the first time, she's got it together.

But this was Bentley's ninth kid!

Doctors say the baby was "eating" his own muscle mass, and they aren't sure how the early starvation will affect his life. This is a critical time for babies' growing brains.

But the district attorney says that the baby was lucky, at least he got out of there. She says that "they were surprised it was alive" and that pictures of the baby show he was "skin and bones." She also described how they let the mom stay in the hospital with the baby to try and feed him, but when they would wake her every two hours to feed the baby, she protested that she "wasn't feeding that baby every two hours" and threw the nurses out of her room.

Bentley has denied all of the accusations, but her other eight children were taken from her. A judge denied her bond, saying, "Looking at those pictures, it looks terrible. It looks like you really didn't care anything about the baby and you were just doing what you wanted to do."

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Hard to believe some people try to deny access to birth control or abortion! This woman needs birth control given freely and intravenously.

At least this baby is now away from his mother and didn't die of starvation like so many others do.

What can be done about situations like this?


Image via Douglas County Sheriff's Office

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