Newlywed Wife Charged With Pushing Husband to Death Had 'Wedding Blues' (VIDEO)

cody johnson jordan grahamThe trial of Jordan Graham, the newlywed wife who is charged with pushing her husband over a cliff to his death, is underway, and it's already looking like a total head-spinner. While Graham admitted to pushing her husband, Cody Johnson, last month, the 22-year-old contends that it was completely unintentional ... a tragic accident, according to her public defender, Andy Nelson, who says, "Jordan lied because she was afraid no one would ever let her explain what happened on that ledge." Graham is pleading not guilty to first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and making a false statement to authorities.

Meanwhile, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kris McLean painted a much different picture to jurors yesterday in a Missoula, Montana courtroom. Prosecutors are determined to prove that Graham's "wedding blues" set the stage for her to intentionally push Johnson, then lie to family, friends, and the police about his death. Hmm ...


Given how stressful weddings can be and what a BIG FREAKIN' DEAL getting married is, I can understand how "wedding blues" may drive someone a bit batty. And Graham's apprehensions about saying "I do" very well could have contributed to her husband's tragic death. But there's obviously much more to the story. Furthermore, I'd think the prosecution is going to have to do better than "wedding blues" driving Graham to kill her new husband to knock this one out of the park ...

While there's plenty of proof that Graham tried to cover up what she did, and it's all sorts of fishy, a slew of questions remain. Was Johnson's death pre-meditated or in the heat of the moment? Is Graham mentally stable? All of that matters. Ultimately, I hope the prosecutors do connect the dots, because the young man's family deserve answers, and Jordan Graham needs to face a fate that matches her crime -- and the reasons behind it.

What do you think about the prosecution pointing to "wedding blues"? Do you think Jordan Graham is innocent?

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