Man Who Aimed Gun at Two Children Claims He Was ‘Standing His Ground’

mugshotThere's a saying that fences make good neighbors. Brian Gravatt couldn't be better proof of this. He was recently arrested for doing something completely un-neighborly (and not a little unhinged) to a family unlucky enough to live near him. Gravatt, age 39, was arrested after he took aim with his gun at his neighbor's two young children, their dog, and eventually at their mother herself. Did I mention he did all of this with a gun he shouldn't have even owned anyway? Gravatt was forbidden from owning a firearm due to an earlier felony conviction.

What did the kids do, exactly, to merit this sort of permanently scarring treatment? El zippo. In fact, allegedly all the two youngsters were doing was trying to get their dog, who had slipped the leash, and take him for a walk. Talk about your surefire ways to make it so that dog will never be walked again.


The poor kids went after their dog and reportedly saw Gravatt take aim at them and fled for safety. When they told their mother and she went to speak to the neighbor, he allegedly threatened her life as well. When asked why he did it, he claimed to be exercising his rights to defend his property. This is a perfect example of how a misunderstanding and popularization of a concept (like the controversial 'Stand Your Ground' law) can lead to tragedy. Gravatt was arrested on charges including assault and illegal possession of a firearm.

But he shouldn't have even had the gun to begin with! If you think gun control laws are working in this country, here's more proof that you're wrong. Here's someone who wasn't legally authorized to have a firearm in their possession, easily bandying it around and threatening the lives of his neighbors for sport. Until we really make a major change to the way we deal with firearms in this country, every man, woman, and child is at risk.

Do you think this was an isolated incident or proof of a bigger problem?


Image via Boone County Jail

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