Missing Oregon Teen Rescued After Abduction By Homeless Family Friend

kelsey mccuneGood news for the family of one Oregon teenager who went missing last Tuesday. A 13-year-old missing Oregon teen has been found, and she was with 40-year-old Kelsey McCune, just as investigators suspected. Clackamas County Sherrif's Office says the teen was found in "good" condition in a wooded area near a mobile home park outside Oregon City. McCune was arrested.

The warrant for McCune's arrest was originally for second-degree kidnapping. But it looks like he did worse than that, unfortunately. McCune is also being charged with rape and sodomy. I'm glad the teen is out of his clutches and that she's alive. But I'm so sorry to hear that her time with McCune was so horrific, according to the charges. Thank goodness for a concerned neighbor.


A witness spotted McCune and the missing teen at Village Mobile Home Park, recognizing them from the flyer, and tipped off police. I think a lot of people might have second-guessed themselves in a similar situation. But this person trusted what they saw and made that important call -- and saved a young teen from what appears to have been a horrific situation.

It turns out that Dodson had injuries, but they're not life-threatening.

And to think McCune was supposedly a friend of the girl's father -- and attended their Thanksgiving dinner! In retrospect it seems odd that the girl's father didn't get the kind of creepy vibe you'd think a potential rapist would give off. But maybe he just seemed like an ordinary, if needy, man. Maybe the signs aren't always as obvious as you'd think they'd be. Her parents must be tremendously glad to have their daughter back -- but I don't envy the pangs of anguish they may be feeling over having once welcomed McCune into their home.

Do you feel like you have a good intuition about people, or do you think you would have been friendly with someone like McCune until they proved you wrong?


Image via Clackamas County Jail

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