10 of the Dumbest Crimes Committed in 2013

dumb crimesDumb crimes. They happen regularly -- maybe even more than you may think -- and most of them are pretty hilarious. If anything, they make us realize just how crazy other people can be and also makes us wonder -- will these people ever learn? Like what about that Chicago woman who was arrested 396 times? She's just the icing on the cake.

So for your enjoyment, I've decided to round up the dumbest crimes of 2013. The kind of stories that make your jaw drop to the ground. And yes, these people really DO exist.

Check it out:


1. This Arkansas man was planning to murder his employee -- but accidentally BUTT-DIALED the intended victim who listened to his entire murder scheme! Rookie mistake, dude.

2. Who needs a mask or a hat? This 41-year-old man wore a disguise that was completely see-through when attempting to rob a gas station.

3. Speaking of burglars, this man was caught after leaving behind his keys at the scene of the crime. Seriously?!

4. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Four separate times, a woman was caught defecating on a stranger's property. Outside. During her morning run. Clearly, it was just a part of her morning routine.

5. A little piece of advice: If you want to hide from the police, do NOT comment on your own WANTED photo on Facebook. Just don't.

6. Oh, and if you're a drug dealer and your weed gets stolen, it's probably not a good idea to ask the police for help. Drugs are illegal, remember?

7. This donut-loving man impersonated an officer to get a measly 10 percent discount at Dunkin Donuts. Hey, times are tough, people.

8. Ugh, this man with a very disgusting fetish was sent to prison after he had sex with cow manure in public. Yes, I'm serious.

9. This one is just sad ... a woman was accused of trying to sell her own baby. Twice. 

10. A 56-year-old man was clearly REALLY mad on his birthday. Out of all reasons to call 911 -- this is probably the dumbest.

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Do you find these crimes funny or really, really sad?

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