10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Throws Baby From 25th Floor Balcony (VIDEO)

Now in horrific news from around the world: A baby boy in China is dead this week after a 10-year-old school girl allegedly slammed him to the ground, kicked him repeatedly, and threw him off the 25th floor of a building in Chongqing city in southwest China.

Eighteen-month-old Yuanyuan was left behind in the elevator of the building, as his mother removed a small bike before retrieving her son. Before she had a chance to do so, the doors snapped shut.


Security footage from the elevator shows an older girl wearing a backpack entering on an upper floor. She holds him for a few seconds before slamming him onto the ground and kicking, hitting, and stamping on him. Once they reach the 25th floor, she grabs the toddler and drags him out.

His broken little body was found in the bushes outside the building, and he died at the hospital shortly after from his injuries.

It is not believed that the girl is related to either the boy or the mother.

Talk about your tragedies! What had to be going through the mind of that girl? I have a 10-year-old daughter, and she just seems to have this instinctual caretaking vibe. I actually have to stop her sometimes from going into “little mommy” mode when her sister cries. She just can’t stand to see people in pain.

What kind of atrocities has this girl been exposed to that her first thought upon encountering a baby on an elevator is to beat the crap out of him? Not that it’s any excuse, but I refuse to believe that this kind of behavior is innate to a child. 

Ugh, this is such a sad, sick story. My heart breaks for little Yuanyuan’s mother.

Here's the surveillance video ... warning: It will make your stomach turn.

What do you think could possess a little girl to act like this?

Image via CCTV

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