Vampire-Obsessed Trucker Accused of Holding Teen as Sex Slave for Months

Timothy VafeadesA story emerging out of Minnesota is growing ghastlier by the second. Utah-native and truck driver Timothy Vafeades was stopped by a suspicious state trooper while at a truck weigh station. After discovering that Vafeades has an existing warrant for his arrest, and noticing black and blue marks on his face, the trooper soon discovered that Vafeades wasn't carrying your usual haul.

Locked in a makeshift cell in the back of his truck was a teenage woman whom authorities believe he had been keeping a prisoner and sexual slave for months. Making matters that much worse? The woman in question is apparently a relative to Vafeades. If he was willing to treat someone he knew this way -- imagine what he's capable of doing to a stranger.


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The woman reports that she's been held prisoner since May. Vafeades summoned her under false pretenses, telling her he needed an assistant to help with his trucking business. Authorities report that she essentially became a sexual slave to the trucker upon arrival. But that's not all. In addition to the sexual violence, he refused her baths and frequently beat her when he entered purported jealous rages. Also. He FILED DOWN HER TEETH BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LIKE THEM.

This guy sounds like a true, born in the blood monster. And, if what his alleged victim is saying is true, he might give a more literal definition to the word "monster." She claims that Vafeades is obsessed with vampires. In fact, that's why he named his company Twilight Express Trucking. The police found several pairs of fake teeth in his possession -- including some sharpened to resemble fangs. Disgusting. Thus was it that Twilight fans everywhere were given a bad name by this total lunatic. 

Do his evil actions have you rethinking your passion for Twilight?


Image via Clay County Jail

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