Woman Runs Through Store Topless to Catch a Pervert

If you've ever been the victim of a Peeping Tom, you know how violated and beyond disgusting it can make you feel. Now, imagine you're minding your own business, trying on bras in a dressing room, and you spot a smartphone poking out from under your door to film you mid-change. Would you be able to think straight and get all of your clothes on before trying to stop the criminal from violating your privacy?

Jeanne Ouelette only had her rights as a person on the brain when this happened to her as she was trying on bras at a Kohl's in Kansas City. Leaving her shirt and bra hanging in the dressing room, she chased the Peeping Tom around the store -- while totally topless


Jeanne admits to being so "enraged" by the experience of being spied on and recorded half-naked that she didn't think before attempting to chase the man down. The only thing on her mind was getting her hands on that smartphone so that she could ensure those photos were wiped out. 

This is totally understandable. In this day and and age, those pictures could end up anywhere. It's appalling and frightening to think that in one day this woman could have gone from being totally anonymous to having nude images of herself shared among thousands or millions of creeps online. 

Although Jeanne didn't catch the man, whose name is Jeremy Bradley, he was apprehended by cops three blocks away from the store. He was charged with breach of privacy, which is a misdemeanor that could result in the man getting up to one year in jail and having to pay a $2,500 fine if he is found guilty.

Jeanne is pretty peeved that he got what really amounts to a slap on the wrist, and I agree. For the sake of women everywhere, if he is convicted, have this guy evaluated. What kind of person gets off violating a woman's privacy in this way? How can we assume that he won't attempt to do this again or -- I shudder to think about it -- hasn't already done this a bunch of times without getting caught? 

Do you think this man deserves a stricter punishment for allegedly filming a woman naked in a dressing room?


Image via Treacle Tart/Flickr

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