Pedophile Ring Bust Nabs 11 Members of One Family for Crimes Against Kids

Chessie Wood
Brittney Wood's mother Chessie
In horrifying news, cops investigating the disappearance of a missing girl in Alabama have busted a pedophile ring wide open. Nearly a dozen folks are now under arrest on charges that range from rape to sodomy to sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 12. Almost as chilling? Everyone arrested is related to missing teen mom Brittney Wood!

Eleven alleged pedophiles and sexual deviants ... from one family? We all have that one black sheep in the family that we steer clear of, but 11?!


Cops say Brittney Wood, the teenage mom who went missing in May 2012 after she went to visit her uncle, Donald Holland, was going to confront him about sex abuse allegations involving several kids in her family.

Instead she disappeared, and Donald was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound two days later. Since then, cops have rounded up 11 members of the family, including Brittney's mom, Chessie Wood, who faces charges of sodomy and sex abuse of a child under 12; and her brother, Derek Wood, who is charged with second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy. Another of the other 11 relatives facing various charges is Jennifer Moore, 32, a Cub Scouts leader, who is being charged with production of pornography involving minors and second-degree child abuse.

The charges are all disgusting, but I keep coming back to the relationships between the charged. 

How is it one family can spawn so many monsters? Is it even possible? I mean, at this point, all 11 folks are innocent until proven guilty, so there's always the chance that maybe one or two really didn't have anything to do with sex crimes against children. 

A chance.

But even if one or two are innocent, that still leaves, what, 10? Nine?

What's that old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree? I suppose it applies here.

Although I prefer to think that each generation tries to do things a little bit better than the previous one, the sad truth is that we can only do so much in life to escape our genes and only so much to improve upon the way we were raised. So often the sins of the son are the sins of the father being repeated because the son doesn't know any better.

Do you have a black sheep of the family or are there several? 


Image via Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

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