Mom Pushes Stroller Into Sea to Drown Baby & 'Save' Her Romantic Relationship (VIDEO)

There are some sick reasons for killing your child, but the sickest has got to be to "save" your relationship. Fabienne Kabou, a 36-year-old Senegalese mother in France, has been arrested after surveillance footage reportedly caught her pushing her 15-month-old daughter in a stroller toward the coast of Berck sur Mer. The next day the toddler, Adelaide, was found dead in the water. The mom was eventually traced to Paris. She reportedly told police that the child was "incompatible" with her love life.


Kabou had apparently not clued her boyfriend, reportedly the child's father, into her plans, telling him that she had dropped off the child with her grandmother, who agreed to care for her. But surveillance footage told another story. She was arrested in Paris. Her lawyer reportedly said that the mother had made a full confession and has remorse for her actions.

Why don't I believe that? Remorse for getting caught, maybe.

Apparently, she left the child by the sea, and when the tide came in, the baby drowned. Awful. A legal expert is quoted as saying:

First and foremost, she wanted to save her marriage by killing her child. This would probably not have changed anything. She is not crazy. Her actions were premeditated.

It's unclear if the couple were legally married. Either way, what a horrifically cruel thing to do. The legal expert continued:

By getting rid of the child, she may have been trying to meet the needs of her boyfriend who wanted more attention.

Kabou wouldn't be the first mom to kill her child or children for the sake of a relationship. How you can choose a man over your baby is unfathomable to me. If any man ever indicates that the relationship isn't working because of your children, then that isn't the man for you. Or for anyone for that matter.

Have you ever been in a relationship with anyone jealous of your baby?

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