Shooting at Big Box Store Didn't Stop Black Friday Deal Shoppers

mall parking lotPeople will do just about anything for a deal. I get that. Times are tough. Money is tight. Deals are deals. So many went on a pilgrimage to shop Black Friday sales. And as we all know, those deals started on Thanksgiving for many stores. Some even went out looking for steals ... literally.

There was a shoplifting scheme going on at a Kohl's in Romeoville in Chicago. The thieves made off with a bunch of loot and the cops chased them outside where the bad guys got into a car and through the parking lot, right in front of the store, shots were fired. Instead of freaking out and running for cover, the deal seekers continued walk past police barricade at the front of the store or stopped to take photos of the dangerous ordeal.


I saw some amazing Black Friday deals. There was a big screen TV marked down to just over $100 and I thought I need that! My TV is on the fritz! But I said all this to myself as I sat on the chair in the living room watching television reports of Black Friday (and Black Thursday) deals. I attempted to go to last year and saw a line half a mile long and thought better of it. Crowds freak me out. Angry crowds = scary. And then there is this story!

Apparently when chasing the perps, one of the police officer's got his arm caught in the getaway car (a Pontiac Sunfire) and he was dragged quite a distance right there in front of Kohl's. Oh my gosh! How awful! And terrifying!

The driver wouldn't stop despite the other cops ordering him to do so and then shots were fired to get the man to stop the car. It worked. I don't know what I would do. I guess going about my business in the store would be better than hanging out outside the store watching this all go down. I'm sure security would put that store on lockdown if things escalated to protect the costumers and workers inside. But crazy that some just decided to take photos when guns were going off. Perhaps we've all become too desensitized?

Do you think you'd run inside the store if you saw this happening or stop and watch?


Image via Nicholas Eckhart/Flickr

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