Bride Attacks Groom's Pregnant Mistress on Wedding Day (VIDEO)

There's a few things that can totally destroy a wedding: A bad toast. Drunken mothers-in-law. A groom that doesn't show up. And, oh yeah, a pregnant mistress who does show up. In a wedding gown, no less. The scene apparently went down in China, where a couple were in the midst of getting married when the guy's pregnant gal pal suddenly made herself known and attacked the bride. The bride fought back. And so did the groom. And some other wedding guests. And, oh people, this will make your wedding seem so tame and boring.


The scorned mistress apparently showed up at the wedding and began throwing punches. Since the dialogue was in Chinese, we'll have to rely on translations to know what went down, but reportedly it went something like this:

Bride: You didn't have an abortion while you could and now you come here with your big stomach. How do I know whose kid it is? Are you trying to coerce us into buying you a house? Can we afford it?

Mistress: Arrghhhh!!!!

The bride and the faux-bride then grapple and occasionally throw punches at the frisky groom. Ladies, it is really not worth losing your dignity over some stupid guy. And bride, is this really the guy you want to marry? I mean, I know women in China have it tough, but you think marriage to this dude will be any easier? I suspect this won't be the last pregnant woman who shows up.

There is some speculation that the whole thing was staged, but to what purpose I don't know. The footage is so blurry that it's hard to believe it would have been planned beforehand. Still, caveat viewer.

Check it out:

I think the women should have teamed up to tackle the philandering guy, not each other, but women can be like that. And I imagine in China, where women are considered old and unwanted in their mid-20s, it's imperative to snag a husband even if he's one not worth snagging.

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Can't imagine what will happen on the honeymoon. Hope someone brings a camera!

What's the craziest thing you've seen at a wedding?

Image via DailyMail/YouKu

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