Man Who Plotted to Harm School Kids Deserves Some Compassion

A Connecticut man has been arrested over his devious plan to take children hostage, traumatize them, and harm them. But how he came to the police's attention is what's bizarre. He turned himself in. Joseph Russo reportedly called cops and informed on himself and his own plan to take children hostage at an elementary school in Fairfield. Police believe he was serious.


Russo had reportedly made similar threats in the past and that he had thought about the plan for years. He told police he wanted immediate help so he wouldn't carry out his horrible plan.

Imagine if Adam Lanza had done the same? How much trauma could have been spared, how many lives saved?

Russo was taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation and then sent to jail. He is scheduled to appear in court today.

What can be done for this person? He obviously has serious thoughts about killing children -- and yet he is wrestling with his own sick desires and wants help. Can he be helped? What if he is given counseling and medication and evaluated, then let out and those thoughts return and then he doesn't call police?

How many other people are out there with thoughts like this? I think what happens to Russo could determine whether or not they too cry out for help -- or don't. And then it might be too late.

Russo has pretty much destroyed any hope he had of ever having a normal life. Who will want to hire him for a job or live with him or anything after seeing this in the media?

And yet he did the right thing. Should he be in jail for making threatening acts of terrorism, which is what he was charged with? Doesn't it seem like this man should be treated a bit better than a criminal since he did the right thing?

I often wonder what kind of society we could have if individuals with terrible thoughts they think they might act on could get help instead of punishment. This guy made the right decision. I hope he's treated better than a criminal.

Do you think he should be punished?


Image via Fairfield Police

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