Quick-Thinking Woman Busts Man for Disgusting Act in Public Ladies Room (VIDEO)

What would you do if you caught a man masturbating in the public women's restroom of a big retail store? Would you scream "Ewww!!!" and run out? Would you call for help? What if you did all of that and still no one helped you? If you're Beth Davis of Oklahoma, you whip out your cell phone and begin filming.


Davis claims she walked into a Walmart restroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma and found Brian Hounslow inside with his pants rolled down doing the dirty on himself. "There's a naked man in the bathroom masturbating!" she yelled as she high-tailed it out of there.

But no one came to her aid. Soon the man himself appeared, and casually told her he didn't realize it was the woman's bathroom. Way to avoid the topic, dude.

When he tried to leave, Beth says she began filming him while yelling, "Someone stop him! Do not let him go out that door. Stop this man!"

The last seconds of the video show the man dashing from the store. He was later arrested.

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Wow, talk about citizen's justice. Would YOU have done that? I'm not sure if I would have. What if the guy was insane, had a gun or knife or something? But Beth didn't want this guy, who could be a danger to others, getting away. I love the way she just keeps following him, yelling that he's a public masturbator. Yikes, how embarrassing. His family must be proud.

Asked Beth of a local media reporter:

Who gets up at 8:30 in the morning and decides they're going to go to Walmart, take off all their clothes and masturbate in the women's bathroom? It's pretty sick ... How could you think you weren't going to get caught?

Oh, I don't know, Beth. People do all kinds of crazy sick stuff. Ask any of the guys caught masturbating on the New York City subway system. Maybe he'll think twice about it now that he's been videotaped and arrested -- but something tells me not.

Public masturbators of the world be warned: We don't want to see your willies and we now have cell phone cameras. We will use them.

Would you have videotaped him?

Image via KJRH

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