Cop Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Handcuffed Woman During Traffic Stop

officer jackie len nealAs if getting stopped by a police officer wasn't already a completely nerve-wracking, upsetting experience, a 19-year-old woman in San Antonio, Texas was allegedly raped after being pulled over on Friday. According to affidavit, 40-year-old Officer Jackie Len Neal, who is charged with the rape, pulled the woman over and told her she was driving a stolen vehicle. When Neal asked the woman to step out for a pat-down, she said she'd prefer a female officer to do it, but he ignored her. Neal then groped the woman, handcuffed her, and took her to the back of his car, where he raped her, notes the affidavit. So horrifying.

Apparently, police car surveillance equipment would have usually caught the alleged attack, but Neal's was (conveniently?) out of commission.


Since the incident, Neal was arrested for alleged felony sexual assault, but released on a $20,000 bond and will keep receiving pay ahead of any indictment. What's more, he was accused in a similar case within the past few years, and he was recently suspended for three days for dating an 18-year-old member of a department youth program. OMG! This is just beyond sickening.

Police chief William McManus responded with shock, telling the local media, "I am outraged. This is a punch in the eye to the police department." But still ... is that enough?

Given the evidence against Neal, it seems like his boss should be DOING more than just saying he's outraged! After all, I'd venture to guess this incident is terrorizing not just its victim but other women who are now going to question whether or not they ought to even pull over, lest they face a similar experience ...

Fingers crossed this trial is speedy, serious business. Because it's not only an embarrassment to San Antonio's local law enforcement; it's an horror story, too.

Does this make you nervous about being pulled over?


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