Dad & Sons Found Dead But Missing Mom's Fate Still Hangs in the Balance

Sarwat LodhiA worker at an upstate New York grocery store made a grisly discovery in the parking lot this week that has set of an equally horrifying chain of events. A dad was found dead inside a car, along with one of his two sons. When police went to the house of Abbas Lodhi, they found his other son dead as well. As for the mother of the two young boys, she's missing and presumed injured.

Sarwat Lodhi was first listed as a "relative" when Pleasant Valley, New York police first turned to the public for help finding her. I can't help but wonder if police didn't immediately identify her as 9-year-old Zain Lodhi and 13-year-old Mugthba Lodhi's mom because it might put a damper on search efforts.


Think about it. They've said Lodhi's a victim in this sad case, and they don't think the public is in any danger.

But her children are dead. If she knows, what are the chances she wants to be found?

Let me be clear: I do NOT mean that people should not be searching for this poor woman. If she's hurt, I very much hope she can be found and get medical attention, and that she will be OK -- at least from a physical perspective.

Because from a mental and emotional one, there's very little chance that Sarwat Lodhi will be OK anytime soon. Her husband her kids are dead. No matter how it happened -- and remember, cops say she's a victim, they are NOT pointing the finger at the 43-year-old mother -- her life as she knew it is over. A mother's worst nightmare has come to pass.

My heart breaks for her, but I do hope she is found safe.

What do you think is going through Sarwat's head right now?


Image via New York State Police

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