Burglar Takes Twisted Revenge on Woman Who Put Him in Prison

Curtez Deshawn Graham
Curtez Deshawn Graham
Curtez Deshawn Graham went to jail for 14 months for burglarizing a 65-year-old Minnesota woman's home. And he wasn't happy about it. So while he was on furlough from prison (I know), he cut off the ankle bracelet that monitored his whereabouts, went back to the woman's home, and raped her to get "revenge." Guess how long he's going to prison for now?


Graham has been sentenced to more than 25 years in prison for this heinous crime, and prosecutor C. Ryan Tennison said: "We seldom see crimes as completely inhumane as this. This man raped the victim in her home in front of her loved one. ... (He) earned every day of this lengthy prison sentence." But ... is 25 years enough? What will he want to do to this poor woman once he gets out? And clearly prison has done absolutely nothing to rehabilitate this man. What's to say more prison will?

If you ask me, he should be locked up for life. This crime is as evil as they come. The couple apparently woke to a naked Graham standing in their room with a pair of scissors. He ordered the man to tie himself up, then he raped his wife in front of him. Disgusting. And not worthy of ever seeing the light of day again, in my opinion.

I'm sure this poor couple feels a bit safer right now, knowing that the man who terrorized them will be locked up for a while. But then again, I bet they felt safer after he was locked up the first time.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for Graham?


Image via St. Paul Police Department

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