George Zimmerman Arrested for Domestic Violence Involving His Pregnant Girlfriend

George Zimmerman has been arrested -- again! The man who stood trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin has been arrested following a domestic disturbance altercation reportedly involving his girlfriend, who has previously been identified as Samantha Scheibe. Right now, details are scarce, but reportedly Zimmerman was arrested near his girlfriend's Orlando, Florida home. TMZ is reporting that Zimmerman's 27-year-old girlfriend is pregnant.


Neighbors said that they had no idea that Samantha was dating Zimmerman -- but that they assumed he was a cop because he walked around like one. Not clear how he did that exactly, but does that surprise anyone? If Samantha is actually pregnant, the domestic violence charge is a felony. At least one report says a gun was involved.

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In September, Zimmerman allegedly confronted his ex-wife and her father days after she filed for divorce. He had allegedly punched Shellie Zimmerman's dad in the face.

A gun was allegedly involved there too but police say none was found. No charges were ever filed. Zimmerman claimed he acted defensively.

Zimmerman's ex-wife told 911 at the time of the altercation with George that she was "really scared" and later told the press that Zimmerman feels like he's "invincible" since his acquittal. He was previously labeled a "ticking time bomb" by Lake Mary, Florida Police Department Chief Steve Bracknell.

More information and the 911 call involving this latest incident will be forthcoming. Maybe this will finally be the thing that gets that gun of his taken away.

It's almost like this man is eager for someone to lock him up. Maybe he feels guilty for what happened with Trayvon. Or maybe he has always been like this. But does anyone really doubt who started the confrontation that night, given all we know about George now? And to think it was Trayvon's reputation that was dragged through the mud.

Do you think George needs his gun taken away?


Image via police

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