Doctor Fatally Shot By Man He Delivered as a Baby (VIDEO)

When you're an OB-GYN whose job it is to deliver babies into the world, you must have the most unbelievable sense of satisfaction each time you assist with a delivery. Knowing that you were partly responsible for bringing a little human being safely into the world must puff your chest with pride. Which is why this story is so horrifyingly bizarre. A 30-year-old man reportedly killed the doctor who delivered him as a baby.


Dr. Stephen Larson, 74, of Orono, Minnesota, was found shot to death inside his home on Friday. He had multiple gun shot wounds. Also shot dead at the time of the killing was Ted Hoffstrom, whom Dr. Larson once delivered into the world.

It all started when Dr. Larson was reportedly talking on the phone inside his house when the person he was talking to heard gunshots and called police.

Police arrived and Hoffstromg was killed by them outside the Larson home. Larson had already been killed and was inside the house. No one has yet given a motive.

Hoffstrom's family left a note on their door saying:

It is with great sadness that we extend our heartfelt prayers and sympathy to the family of Dr. Stephen Larson. Our hearts are broken for all of those affected by this tragic event. We are shocked and saddened by this news, and many questions remain unanswered.

Sources say that the doctor and the suspect knew each other. In a small town, it's probably not that unusual that a popular OB-GYN would have delivered many of the adults in town.

It's just terribly ironic and sad that one of the babies whose life the doctor helped give took his.

What do you think could have happened?

Image via KSTP

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