Jessica Ridgeway's Killer Ate Snack as He Described Dismembering the 10-Year-Old

jessica ridgewayWhen Austin Sigg suddenly decided to plead guilty to murdering 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, just two days before his trial was set to begin earlier this fall, it was supposed to be a good thing for the dead child's family. Finally, they could have a little closure. But now a sentencing hearing under way for the 18-year-old Colorado teenager is re-opening the wounds as it paints a picture of the little girl's last moments with a depraved killer.

Jessica reportedly begged to get back home to her mom, but it didn't sway her killer. In fact, cops have revealed that even as the then-17-year-old Sigg laid out his confession for murder, detailing how he kidnapped and dismembered the little girl, he nonchalantly ate a snack.


Quite frankly, the details of the crime that I've read on the Internet today have put my stomach in knots so twisted that I'm not sure I can eat for the rest of the day. And here he ate a snack as he confessed to doing this himself?

The nonchalance Sigg has had toward this entire thing puts in question a Colorado law that might let the 18-year-old out of prison one day.

Sigg pleaded guilty to a total of 15 charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping, sexual assault of a child, and sexual exploitation of a child for what he did to Jessica. Prosecutors tacked on another charge of attempted kidnapping for an attack on a jogger at a nearby lake last Memorial Day.

Scary enough stuff that you'd think he should spend his life behind bars, especially considering his lack of remorse and distaste for his own crimes.

But get this: because he was just 17 when he committed the crime -- he turned 18 in jail -- he may fall under a Colorado law that dictates juveniles sentenced to life in prison must be eligible for parole after serving 40 years of their sentence.


It gets crazier. Austin was charged as an adult because he was so close to 18 and because of the depravity of his crimes.

Crimes he confessed to.


So which is it, Colorado? Is he a sick and twisted adult or a juvenile who needs a little compassion? I'm thinking it's the former ... because Austin Sigg certainly didn't show any compassion to Jessica Ridgeway!

What do you think the sentence should be here?


Image via Westminster Police

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