3-Year-Old Kidnapped During Party Rescued From Horrifying Situation

handyman As far as disturbing news goes, this is really up there. A toddler was allegedly taken from a birthday by a neighborhood handyman on Saturday and later found in his garage. The extra-extra-awful part? Oh, you know, the man was reportedly just sitting on a couch in said garage naked while the toddler sat next to him partially clothed. Lovely, right?


According to neighbors, the girl was playing in the front yard during a baby shower when she was taken. Family members discovered she was missing at around 11:00 p.m. and immediately called the police. About three hours later, cops opened up the garage across the street and found the man and the toddler. He was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, and the girl was taken to a local hospital to be examined, where authorities determined she had not been sexually abused.

Lord knows what went on in that garage, but thank goodness this poor girl is okay -- and thank goodness she was found when she was. Of course, in an ideal world, she would have never been taken in the first place, but if she were missing with this sick creep for any longer, something even worse could have happened: He could have killed her.

Sadly, this horrifying incident is likely going to scar this little girl forever, but again, the important thing right now is that she's okay. And the second most important thing is that whoever did this to this little girl is taken off the streets and locked up for good. There is no excuse for this ever happening again.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for the person who did this?

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