Teacher Punches & Knocks Out 7th Grader for Making a Joke (VIDEO)

reginald wellsA teacher allegedly punched a 12-year-old student so hard recently that he knocked him unconscious after the student made a joke about the teacher's favorite football team. The reason for the reported attack? Teach was having a bad day, that's all.


Seventh-grade student Reginald Wells, who attends Smith Middle School in Texas, claims that when he passed an educator in the hall last Friday, he jokingly made a comment about his favorite football team. The teacher then reportedly punched Wells, who's 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs only 80 pounds, in the shoulder, and then Wells pushed the teacher. According to the student, after that, the teacher came back swinging, hitting him twice and then punching him in the mouth. "He hit me, and I blacked out," Wells said. The teacher was promptly fired after the incident, and only one question remains: What. The. Fuck?!

It's terrifying that this man was ever hired as a teacher to begin with -- a man whose excuse for allegedly hitting a seventh grader is "I was having a bad day." No matter how bad a student behaves, no matter how much they test one's nerves, it's never okay to hit a child. Ever. Especially over some stupid football joke. What was this man thinking?!

At least the teacher was fired shortly after the incident, and the school didn't try to make up excuses for his behavior. If convicted, may this man pay for what he did -- and may he never, ever, ever work in a setting with children again.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for this man, if convicted?

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