Pregnant Military Fiancée Robbed of Everything While Relocating (VIDEO)

kim ober pregnant military fiancee robbedMoving is hard enough. Moving while eight months pregnant is potentially even more challenging. Nonetheless, Kim Ober packed up her entire life to leave her home in Florida to be with her fiancé Greg, who is in the Navy and is stationed in Hampton Roads at Little Creek, Virginia.

She told Virginia Beach news affiliate WAVY, "I was down [in Florida] for work, so we had been long-distance for a little while and found out we were pregnant about 10 days before he left for deployment." What amazing news, and obviously even more reason Ober couldn't wait to get down to be closer to her love. But in a horrible twist of events, she was robbed on her way through North Carolina.


Ober had packed everything she owned into a U-Haul and left with a friend last Saturday morning. They were driving from Lakeland to Virginia Beach. After hours behind the wheel, they stopped a hotel in Lumberton, North Carolina. She says:

All I went into the hotel with was really my purse and my toothbrush, because we were going to get right back on the road. We were back down stairs at 6:30, the entire U-haul, the trailer, and my Jeep were gone, and there was glass all over the ground.

That's when it hit her that she had been robbed. She described her reaction ...

You're just in disbelief and astonishment that your entire life, 30 years of belongings, memories, and childhood things are just gone in an instant.

It wasn't long before police found the trailer and Jeep in one county and U-haul in another, but both had been "torched," Ober explains. Ughhh. What a nightmare!

For anyone to have to face what Kim Ober did is gut-wrenching, but her particular circumstances make it even worse. It's difficult enough to leave your hometown, job, friends, family behind to start a new life -- something military fiancees and wives like Kim have to do time and again. But then to be victimized in this way in the process? It's almost too much to stomach.

Thankfully, Kim has as healthy an outlook on the upsetting incident as she possibly could, it seems, saying of the thieves:

They don't think about the other person that's on the other end. They are thinking about their short-term goal not the long-term affects. As heartbreaking as this is for me and my baby, their lives must be a lot sadder than mine right now, if that's the type of life that they are living.

Very true ... What's more, she's already begun getting plenty of support from friends who've donated clothes and given her gift cards, while others have started an online fundraising page for others to help the mom-to-be -- which is definitely heartening to hear.

What do you think about Kim's reaction? Have you ever felt victimized in a similar way?



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