Man Arrested After Wife Pregnant With Twins Shot in Horrific Double Murder

pregnant bellySometimes things happen that are just so awful, it's hard to make sense of them. Like this: a woman who was eight months pregnant with twins was shot in the head in Florida this week. Alexis Boyce died, along with one of her twins. The other baby boy is in critical condition. How could such a horror happen? That's what police are trying to figure out, and they already have Boyce's husband, Michael Boyce, in custody for allegedly shooting his pregnant wife.

What a life to be born into -- Mom is dead, your twin is dead, and your dad is facing first degree murder charges?


According to police, Alexis and Michael Boyce were living with her parents, and it was her father who heard a gunshot and called police. Michael Boyce allegedly tried to pin the shooting on Alexis, saying she shot herself in the head. But then police say they confronted him with evidence to the contrary, and he fessed up -- to an accidental shooting of his pregnant wife.

Michael Boyce now faces two murder charges -- one each for his wife and for the twin who didn't make it.

My heart is with the little boy fighting for his life in a neonatal intensive care unit. It sounds like he'll have caring grandparents in his life, but who else will he have?

This is the thought I always have when there are murders that involve family members, especially parents. What happens to those who are left behind? They need to pick up the pieces without the deceased, but also without the killer. It's like they're punished two times over or, in this case, three.

No matter what comes of this case -- whether Dad really did it or not -- this little guy is going to need a LOT of love to make it through. My heart goes out to him.

What do you make of the dad's story to police here?


Image via InnocentEyez/Flickr

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