Teen Charged With Murdering Mom Was to Start Anger Management the Next Day

trailersAn Alabama teenager was recently arrested for the murder of his mother. He is also being charged with the attempted murder of his own father. The crimes took place this week, and reports indicate that he will be charged as an adult. The boy, 16-year-old Travis Montgomery, is believed to have attacked both of his parents, Renae Montgomery, 46, and Wade Montgomery, 49, while they were at home in the trailer park where they lived. Not much is known about Travis's motive.

Relatives say that Travis was due to start classes to address his anger management issues the very next day. They also mention his fights with his mother, but say that he was extremely close with his father. These details paint a picture of a young man on the brink whose actions under strain led to tragedy.


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The details of the alleged crime, such as they are, are gruesome. Authorities report receiving a call when a neighbor heard Montgomery's father crying out for help. When police and ambulances arrived, they discovered Renae dead of multiple stab wounds. Wade had also received multiple wounds and a collapsed lung, but he was still alive. He complained of no feeling in his limbs, which could point to paralysis.

It's such a sad story, and it's hard to know for whom to feel worse. Obviously my heart goes out to the victims, but the boy himself must have been in such mental and emotional distress to finally snap in such a gory fashion. Things like this don't happen overnight. Travis's parents must have known there was a problem brewing, hence him taking classes for his anger. While we don't know if it was at their behest, they must have been concerned about how best to help their boy. They could have been worried about both overreacting or underreacting. That this is the end result is awful. 

Whatever winds up happening next, Travis will be forced to live with the consequences of his actions forever. That is beyond a harrowing prospect. I can't imagine having such a horrific night emblazoned on your brain. Here's hoping Travis gets all the help he needs, and that one day he and his father are able to work through this unspeakable tragedy and find their ways back to each other.

How soon is too soon to act when you think someone you know has an issue with rage?


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