Woman Brutally Beats 82-Year-Old Man Who Stopped to Help Her

It's amazing to hear those stories about good deeds that go rewarded, like the waitress who paid for two soldiers' lunches and just received a new car from Ellen DeGeneres. But every once in awhile, you hear one of those stories that just makes you leery about helping strangers.

An 82-year-old man was driving in Chicago when he reportedly was flagged down by two women, who appeared to be stranded when their car broke down. He pulled over to help, only to have one of the women allegedly beat him and attack him with a screwdriver.


The woman, 28-year-old Sophia Body, apparently became enraged when the elderly man accidentally bumped her car with his. After that, he was pulled out of his car and allegedly beaten about the head and stabbed with a screwdriver. Reportedly, Body admitted to police:

Yeah, I pulled his a-- out of the car and beat the f--- out of him.

Nice. Here you have a stranger going out of his way to help you, and you beat the crap out of him?!! It's unclear how exactly the man ended up "dinging" his car, but the woman doesn't seem to have taken into account that it was an accident -- after all, who would do that on purpose?

I tell you, people are so angry these days, it's disgusting. Any sign of "disrespect" and people go nuts, maiming, beating up, killing. The truth is you can't expect everyone to show you respect all of the time. In fact, the vast majority of people you meet on a daily basis hardly notice you at all. Others will be nice. And still others will be total shitheads.

I remember seeing a guy drop something out of his pocket on the subway platform. I repeatedly yelled at him but he didn't hear me because he had his headphones in his ears, which I didn't notice. So I finally tapped him on his arm. He was so enraged that I dared to touch him that he turned around and -- even seeing that I was a small female and no threat to him -- began cursing at me and telling me to leave him alone.

Yeah, I did tell him off a bit. But I didn't stab him! And, actually, I regretted saying anything to him. He is obviously in his own hell already. Nothing I said was going to make him any more miserable than he already was.

Thankfully, the man has stabilized in the hospital and a nearby surveillance cam caught the whole gory incident on tape, so the woman was arrested and remains in jail on $2 million bail. Now she'll have plenty of time to cool down.

I hope this poor man doesn't let this incident harden his heart and stop him from wanting to ever help others.

Have you ever had a good deed returned with hostility?

Image via Chicago Police

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