Dr. Martin MacNeill Found Guilty of Drugging & Drowning Wife (VIDEO)

Dr. Martin MacNeill found guiltyIt's official: Dr. Martin MacNeill has been found guilty of killing his wife Michele MacNeill, bringing an end to a case that seemed like it was made for TV. Dr. MacNeill was accused of overdosing his wife with prescription painkillers after she got cosmetic surgery back in 2007, then leaving her to die in a tub in their family home. His motivation? Potentially his love affair with a mistress named Gypsy Willis, who he introduced as a nanny to his family just weeks after Michele's death.

Dr. MacNeill brought Willis into his home shortly after she passed away, and even his defense lawyer Susanne Gustin told the court that doing that made him seem like "a total jerk and disgusting."

The key witnesses in this trial? MacNeill's three eldest daughters, who were more than convinced that their father killed their mother from the get-go. And when the verdict was read early Saturday morning -- their reaction was chilling. Watch the footage from inside the courtroom, here:


I can only imagine how hard it must have been for these women, three of MacNeill's eight children, to lose their mother. Alexis Somers, one of the three daughters that testified, said the verdict is somewhat of a relief: 

We're just so happy he can't hurt anyone else. We miss our mom; we'll never see her again. But that courtroom was full of so many people who loved her.

When he is sentenced on January 7, MacNeill faces 15 years to life in prison for first-degree murder and another one to 15 years for obstruction of justice.

How would you feel if you were one of MacNeill's daughters right now?


Image via ABC

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