Should Schools Monitor Parents' Facebook Pages? (VIDEO)

moms matter

It's not a stretch to say that nearly every parent under the age of 60 has a Facebook page or engages in some sort of social media. But what if the administrators at your child's school are monitoring your social media messages? And what if they found something they didn't like and then banned you from your child's school, even if you haven't actually broken a law? It happened to one Georgia mom and there was nothing she could do about it. During this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout, we discuss whether this principal overstepped her bounds or if it's necessary to be hypervigilant in these violent and dangerous times. Check it out.


For many of us, the Internet is the one place where we can let loose and let our friends know exactly what's on our mind. Though never in a million years would we expect the administrators at our children's school to monitor those messages and pass judgment on us.

So much about this mom's situation seems unfair. She is a military vet, hasn't broken any laws, yet she is now being treated like a criminal. But as you've seen from the discussion, this issue isn't a simple one. Yes, parents have rights, but a school has a responsibility to keep its children safe. Is it possible school shootings can be prevented if we didn't care about the privacy of parents and families, or would it make little to no difference?

What do you think about this discussion? Do you think school administrators should keep a close eye on parents over social media?

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