Principal Lets Dog's Leg Rot Off Because She Was Really Swamped at Work

one legged dogRosa Martinez, a Houston private school principal, is currently in hot water because one of her dog's legs rotted away. Yes, you read that correctly. Martinez, who actually owned three dogs, all maltese poodle mixes, neglected her poor animal for so long that his tiny leg fell off. Her excuse? She was really busy with work.

I mean, I think we all want our kids to go to a school where the principal is dedicated, but ... do we want our kids going to a school where the principal lets her dog's leg fall off?!


Martinez, 57, was arrested on Monday after she brought her three dogs to the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care. According to police, a second dog of Martinez's was found suffering from a chronic ear infection and chronic staph, while a third was severely underweight and suffering from sores.

Perhaps the craziest part of this story is that Martinez finds her arrest unjust, and she can't seem to wrap her head around why this is happening to her. She feels that the fact that she "had trouble" taking care of the dogs because of her busy work schedule should justify what happened to the animals. "It really upsets me," Martinez said. "I know you have to have advocates to protect them. In my case, it's not fair. I didn't do anything wrong."

Now. I will ask you again: Would you want a person who would do this being the principal at your kid's school? I, personally, would go with hell no. No, Martinez didn't kill anyone, but what she did is a disgrace. And if she can't handle three malti-poos, how is she gonna handle a school full of kids?

What do you think should happen to this woman?

Image Red Collar Rescue/Facebook

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