3-Week-Old Baby With 18 Broken Bones May Have Been Beaten by Her Dad

lance finnerIt's hard to believe anyone would do this to a defenseless, 3-week-old baby. Lance Finner is charged with beating his newborn baby, who now has 18 broken bones -- 15 which appeared to be new on the 31st, and three others that looked older. So this may not have even been the first time Finner had abused his baby.

There are conflicting reports about what the baby's mother was doing at the time. According to The Detroit News, Finner was watching the baby while her mother slept. According to The Detroit Free Press, she was not at home at the time. At any rate, it's the baby's father who has been charged -- with first-degree child abuse. Finner faces life in prison.


There were two other children at the home, a 14-month-old and an 8-year-old. We don't know if there's a history of abuse for either of them, but they've been removed to their grandparents' home. Meanwhile, Finner was charged with battery and assault in 2011 and was convicted of one count of malicious destruction of property in 2008. So he has a violent past.

Back to those previously-broken three bones, though, it makes you wonder. Finner hasn't been proven guilty yet, but it's not hard to imagine that he might be responsible for what appears to be previous abuse. If so, why would you leave your newborn baby with the guy again? Maybe the mother was in some sort of desperate circumstances. I kind of don't even want to know more about this family.

The baby is expected to survive. Fortunately (if there IS a fortunately in this horrible story), she was injured only from the neck down; there were no head injuries. But it's still a terrible way to begin your life.

What do you think would drive a grown man to beat up a newborn baby?


Image via Macomb County Sheriff's Office

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