Ariel Castro Victim Michelle Knight's 8 Most Shocking Revelations to Dr. Phil

Michelle KnightIf the first part of kidnapping victim Michelle Knight's interview with Dr. Phil was hard to watch, the second may have been even harder. The oldest of the three women to be rescued from Ariel Castro's Ohio home in May is also the first of the three to speak out publicly about what went on inside that house. Her revelations in part two are a testament to her will to survive.

All are shocking, all are sad, but they show what an amazing young woman she is to have come through them:


1. Michelle suffered five miscarriages during her time in the house -- caused by Castro. For one, she said he made her lie on her bed while he jumped on her wearing heavy boots.

2. Reports that neighbors saw three women in the backyard wearing dog leashes were rampant after the girls were found, but Michelle says they're untrue. She was allowed in the backyard sometimes, but Castro's means of keeping her under control was by keeping a gun in his hand.

3. Michelle related being forced to dig a hole in Castro's backyard just big enough to fit a human body.

4. Castro would throw money at Michelle, saying it was payment for her time in his home.

5. Michelle helped deliver Amanda Berry's baby, the fourth hostage in the house. When the baby came out, it couldn't breathe, and Castro threatened to kill Michelle if the baby didn't survive. She was able to perform CPR and help the baby to breathe.

6. Michelle suffers from vision problems and has nerve damage to her hands from the torture she endured.

7. Castro forced Michelle to drill holes in the walls of the home after Gina DeJesus was kidnapped, preparing torture chambers. He then fed chains through the walls to keep the girls chained to one another.

8. Michelle is allergic to mustard, and when Castro found out, he forced her to eat two sandwiches slathered in the condiment. He throat swelled up and she nearly died, but she says DeJesus stayed by her side and wouldn't let her die.

What do you think of Michelle coming out to talk about this? Would you be interested in hearing what Amanda and Gina have to say about their experiences in the house?


The Dr. Phil Foundation has created a fund to help Knight move forward. Donations are being collected online.

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