Father Accused of Hiring Someone to Beat & Rape His 11-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

How sick can some people be?! Just when you thought you've heard it all, a man has been arrested after being accused of posting an ad online looking for someone to beat and rape an 11-year-old girl. Who happened to be his daughter. The man, 32-year-old Anthony Brinkman, was with the girl at a Cracker Barrel in Missouri when he was apprehended just before the sick, twisted crime was planned to take place.


It's not yet clear how this was discovered, but my guess is that someone saw the post and reported it. At any rate, a cop reportedly posed as the guy who would do the disgusting deed and met up with Brinkman and his daughter at the restaurant. But instead he was arrested.

Allegedly, the man's plan was to have someone beat and rape his daughter while he watched. At least one report says he wanted the person to assault his daughter with sex toys -- and that the person he hired was a woman. Thank god police were able to intervene.

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Police plan to bring up Brinkman, who is now in jail on bond, on charges of sex trafficking of a minor. Police won't say where the girl is now, but if she is with her mother, that woman is presumably in a state of utter horror and shock right now.

I can't imagine what the little girl was thinking seeing her father be arrested in front of her -- would she have known why? Who will tell her? Her trust in adults -- in men -- is going to be shattered. Should she be told??

Has this guy pulled any other shit like this on her? This is just horrific beyond words.

Should this little girl ever be told her father's alleged plan?

Image via KSDK.com

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