Man Charged With Taking ‘Upskirt’ Pics Has Unbelievable Defense

crowded subwayA Massachusetts man is arguing that it's his right as a citizen to take all the upskirt shots he wants while riding public transportation. God bless America. Seriously, you'd think this major creep would've rolled over once he was caught sticking his camera-phone up unsuspecting commuters' skirts. But if you thought that, you thought wrong.

Michael Robertson has decided to make a federal case of his perviness. He claims that the First Amendment protects his right to snap obscene pics. He's even got a lady lawyer representing him. How she sleeps is a question I have seriously pondered.


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I kind of hope that this gentleman is found innocent of all charges. That's right, smile at him and let him go ye judge and ye jurors. By all means, let him get back on public transportation and take all the gnarly, invasive pictures he wants of ladies and their bottoms, both rear and front. By allllllll means. He should just be prepared for the army of women I will be sending to Andover to take photographs of his lack-of-dick. IT IS MY RIGHT TO DO SO APPARENTLY.

The plus side is that we exist in a world where if he IS found guilty of being "the worst," he will spend up to two years in prison. While that's some consolation, I've got to admit I'm having a tough time not feeling gross about the fact that his case has even made it before a judge and is being listened to like he's not a total waste of space. That said, I do not believe in democracy and would prefer being ruled by an affable, handsome monarch. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.*

Do you think this creep is right or should he have the book thrown at him?


Image via Nick White/Image Survey/Corbis

*I'm not kidding.

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