Kidnap Survivor Michelle Knight Might Not Have Been Ariel Castro's First Victim

Michelle KnightThe rescue of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJeusus, and Amanda Berry from the Ohio home of Ariel Castro is undoubtedly the most shocking story of 2013. How a man could have prepetrated such atrocities on three innocent women is unthinkable. And now Knight, the victim long believed to have been Castro's first, has come out with more shocking news in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

In part one of a two-part interview, Knight told the TV show host that she doesn't believe she was really the first person taken by the now-dead Castro.


Sadly, we expected to hear atrocities of the type Knight shared today. We knew she lived with a monster for 11 years. But her assertion that she was not the first is startling. Knight says she's sure there were girls before her because "he kept repeating 'don't think you're the only one.'" She also told McGraw that she found the letters RIP scribbled in the basement, although she could not make out the name below.

If Knight's assumption is right, Castro will never be punished for what he did to another girl -- or girls. He died in prison in September. That also means that cops can't ask him about what he did; although it's safe to assume that they did ask ... plenty in the lead-up to the trial. 

The sad truth is we may never know what Ariel Castro did and whom he did it to beyond Knight, Berry, and DeJesus.

But listening to Knight, who so bravely spoke out about what had been done to her, it's hard to imagine anything worse than what happened to her -- from Castro getting her pregnant and then forcing a miscarriage by beating her in the stomach with a barbell to the rapist murdering her dog in front of her by snapping the creature's neck. If there are more women out there, the horrors they must have endured are of a type most of us would never imagine in our darkest nightmares.

Have you suspected Castro hurt other girls? Do you think it's something cops need to investigate or has enough been done?


Image via Dr. Phil

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