2 Armed Teens Taken in Custody After Breaking Into Denver Middle School

It was a long night in Denver for police, parents, and children who were on edge after hearing reports that two armed teens had broken into Noel Middle School sometime around midnight. It was initially believed that the suspects were carrying rifles and backpacks filled with explosives, but several hours later -- thank the lord -- the men have been taken into custody and it's been revealed that they probably weren't intent on killing anyone. So what exactly were they doing there? 


Well, for one thing, what appeared to have been assault rifles carried by the suspects are "more than likely BB guns," according to the Denver Police Department's Twitter feed, which has been providing updates on the incident all night. It has also been reported that the 15-year-olds had only one backpack in their possession, that it contained a computer, and that they were probably planning to burglarize the school. The suspects may have tried to break into Greenwood Elementary School, which is nearby, earlier in the evening, but it isn't clear whether the school suffered any damage other than a broken window. 

The boys' names haven't been released yet, but we know they are not students at the school. 

It's natural for everyone to jump to conclusions when they hear "guns" and "school." Just a few weeks ago in Nevada, a middle school student fatally shot his teacher and injured two students before taking his own life and, of course, the people of Colorado will forever remember the horror of the Columbine school shooting in 1999. 

Lots of unanswered questions here. Who are these teens? What were they planning on taking when they reportedly ransacked several classrooms? Where did their parents think they were? Did they have any connection to the schools they targeted? 

Answers to these questions will surely begin pouring in soon, but for now we can all take a deep breath because this didn't turn out to be yet another horrific school shooting tragedy.

Did you think the worst when you first heard about this incident? 


Image Via Mel Silvers/Flickr


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