Woman Who Killed Newborn Tries to Blame It on Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of stories of women who abandon or kill their newborns. Some women just don't want to be a mother, don't want a baby for a variety of reasons, and they take the most horrific way out of it. But you always wonder how they managed to cover up a pregnancy for nine months. Some women just don't show very much. Others wear baggy clothes. Others, well, others come up with totally bizarre excuses as to why they suddenly look pregnant -- such as 25-year-old Courtney Kathleen Addington. She hid her pregnancy by telling friends and family members that her big belly was the result of irritable bowel syndrome! If only it stopped there.


Courtney tragically went on to kill her baby -- stuffing her in a plastic bag and keeping her under her bed until she stopped breathing. She has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

After giving birth to a baby girl in her bedroom of her family home in Rosemont, California, Courtney was bleeding profusely, so her father rushed her to the hospital. Sticking with her irritable bowel syndrome story, Courtney explained away her intense bleeding by telling doctors she'd just had a large bowel movement!

The staff, however, were not fooled and determined that she had just given birth. I can't imagine how she thought that excuse was going to work.

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But that's not the end of the irritable bowel syndrome defense. Courtney still refuses to admit that she knew she was pregnant and maintains that she honestly DID think she had irritable bowel syndrome, and that when she gave birth, she passed out from the pain and wrapped the baby up in a plastic bag thinking what came out of her wasn't a baby but a bloody stool!

Maybe this is what happens when teachers get in trouble for using the word vagina.

I know nothing of Courtney's education or upbringing, but is it possible she was raised so ignorant of sexual reproductive issues -- the birds and bees and babies -- that she didn't know what being pregnant was or even what she gave birth to?!

Seems highly unlikely -- and the jury clearly didn't buy it. Especially not since Courtney reportedly did Internet searches on "signs of labor" and "water breakage." And that she had already aborted a pregnancy.

Her family, however, continues to support her.

Do you think irritable bowel syndrome and giving birth to a baby could be confused??


Image via police

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