Man Caught Freaking Out on Tape Shortly After Girlfriend Was Killed (VIDEO)

Simon GittanySimon Gittany, an Australian man whose fiancee Lisa Harnum plunged to her death off their apartment balcony is currently on trial for her murder. He says she fell. The prosecutors say he pushed her and now, chilling video has been released that shows him dragging her back into their apartment after it looks like she attempted to leave and then, minutes later, freaking out in the elevator as he went down to see her on the ground below.

Prosecutors allege that Gittany dragged his ballerina fiancée, Harnum, back inside the apartment and, judging from the footage, it's hard to see it any other way. It's pretty scary stuff.

The video is the kind of thing you can't unsee, so be forewarned, it is a bit upsetting. Watch at your own risk. See below:


It does not prove anything, but it does make a case for the fact that she was in the apartment against her will. A very strong case, in fact.

After her death, police say Gittany claimed he hoped the cameras were working, but the cameras Gittany was referring to -- the three he installed to record inside their unit -- weren't working, in fact and the 69 seconds between Gittany dragging Harnum inside and her fatal fall on July 30, 2011 were never recorded. What happened? We may never know for sure.

Gittany also said during questioning:

Baby, baby, baby I can't believe it. Her mum is going to be devastated . . . they were talking online yesterday and laughing. It (was) almost like she knew it would be the last time. Like God knew.

Chilling words. Chilling tape. Let's hope this woman gets justice.

Do you think this tape is open and shut?


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