Mom Accused of Drugging 6-Year-Old's Yogurt to Change His Behavior

mom drugged sonIn a bit of horrifying news out of Florida, a mom of a 6-year-old boy is accused of drugging his yogurt with Adderall in order to gauge whether it changed his behavior. She was arrested after she asked the teacher to report back any changes. Her son did not have a prescription for the drug, which is often prescribed to treat ADHD in children.

She is now facing child abuse charges and while there is no doubt what she did was illegal and immoral and wrong, it's also sort of sad. Clearly she was worried about her child and hoping, in this depraved, sick, and twisted way, that she might help him get better.

It doesn't make it right, but it does make it all the more sad. Why she didn't just take him to the doctor I guess we don't know. So many questions.


This teacher who reported her must have suspected, though, that this was not simply a desperate mother dosing her child and at the end of her rope, so maybe there is more to the story. It's also possible the doctor WAS consulted and said he did not need adderall in which case that makes it all the more wrong.

She is accused of giving him a prescription drug without a script. If she is guilty, she endangered his life and his health in a most egregious way. No matter what her reasoning is, there is no excuse for that. His small body could have been overwhelmed and this story could have had a far more tragic ending. Let's hope she learns from her mistake and never considers this again.

Do you have any sympathy for this mother or think this was straight up abuse?


Image via Canned Muffins/Flickr

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