LAX Shooting Suspect's Family Warned Police Before Rampage

LAXThe family of 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, the man accused of the rampage at Los Angeles International Airport that left a Transportation Security Administration employee dead and injured at least six more people, had warned police about the man just hours before the tragedy.

Apparently, Ciancia had mentioned taking his own life in a text message to his younger brother earlier on Friday and just one hour later, the reports of the shootings came in.

There are no words for a tragedy like this. The TSA agent who was killed was Gerardo Hernandez, a 39-year-old father of two who is also the first TSA agent ever killed on the job. What a heartbreaking story.



These kinds of shootings are becoming more and more frequent it seems and nothing will change until we address both mental health issues and guns in this country.

For now, all we can do is mourn another shooting and hope that things change. As for Ciancia's family, they did exactly the right thing by calling the authorities and reporting him. Apparently Ciancia lived in the Los Angeles area, though he grew up in New Jersey. The FBI has yet to interview him as he is currently in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds.

He did drop a bag at the security checkpoint where he allegedly began shooting and authorities have described it as "a bunch of threatening language directed at the TSA and lots of anti-government rants." He had 100 rounds of ammunition that apparently went unfired.

What a horrifying story. In so many ways.

Do you think Ciancia's family did the right thing by reporting his texts?


Image via jondoeforty1/Flickr

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