Gunman Opens Fire at Los Angeles Airport

Update: A TSA agent (most likely a different one than the one quoted below as saying he was okay) is reportedly dead. Some reports are saying the suspect is dead. Neither has been confirmed by authorities.

Multiple shots have been fired at Los Angeles International Airport, and several people have been wounded, including at least one TSA agent. Flights have been grounded. So far, one suspect has reportedly been shot and taken into custody, but investigators haven't ruled out other suspects. The TSA agent was reportedly seriously wounded but alive and told a witness: "I got shot, I'm fine."


The shooting reportedly took place at Terminal 3 near a security terminal. Some reports say the suspect was wearing camouflage, and at least one witness said that the suspect was short, balding, and wearing "gray and green." He was reportedly carrying a rifle, possibly an assault weapon.

"A guy started shooting and walking up through the security check," said a witness to KTLA. "He fired several shots ... The security checkpoint cleared out really fast. It was surreal ... never been through anything like this before."

Another witness said that the suspect was yelling in a "real angry voice" but he couldn't decipher what he was saying. His wife also reported hearing the man yelling but said she was too busy wondering how to get away to pay attention to what he was saying. She reported hearing over a dozen gunshots.

Another witness apparently tried to run from the scene and instead was tackled by police, who handcuffed him and then left him on the ground. He later was let go and talked to reporters. He seemed rather forgiving of the incident.

At least four people have been reported wounded; so far no one has been reported dead. At least one celebrity, James Franco, may have been at the airport during the shooting.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was at LAX the day after a dry ice bomb exploded in an employee area and another one was found. It's getting really scary to fly, but TSA agents are doing the best they can with millions of people coming through airports all over the country. Think about that next time you're grumbling about having to take off your shoes.

Unfortunately, an incident like this might mean even tighter security, given that the man looks like he began shooting before he reached the security checkpoint -- and shot the TSA agent and then ran through, even possibly reaching the gate area.

As of now, flights at LAX remain grounded. Authorities are not yet tying the incident to terrorism or giving any kind of motive. Hopefully, all of the victims will recover.

Are you getting scared to fly?

Image via KTLA

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