Police Seize 40 Pounds of Drug-Laced Halloween Candy Just in Time

candyPretend you are a drug dealer. Imagine you have decided -- wicked genius that you are -- that you will sell a whole mess of pot. Now imagine that you've come up with a brilliant way of selling the drug without getting busted by the cops. Now imagine what it's like to be in jail because your "genius" plan was a total bust.

Welcome to the reality of some very abashed college kids. The group of low-rent amateur dealers thought the best way to unload all the THC they had acquired for their customers on their college campus was by making 40 pounds of candy with it. Ah yes, the sweet, sweet taste of a gateway drug.


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I mean, maybe they wouldn't have totally failed in their illegal activities if they'd picked another time of year to try out their scheme. But as it stands, if e'er there was a season not to try and sell drug-tainted candy, Halloween would be it. The police (not known to be laissez-faire about drugs on a good day) have their eyes wide open for any suspicious candy. What were these banana heads thinking? Clearly not much. Also the candy looks gross, just FYI.

Let's be honest. This is just a case of some college potheads being college potheads. I doubt very much we've got an army of would-be Scarfaces on our hands. It's just a case of bad timing.

To make matters forehead-slappingly worse for the bungling would-be confectioners, because they chose candy as their medium, the entire community is being all like "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" That's a totally fair way to be too -- because what if the kids had somehow gotten their sticky digits on this stuff? Just imagine how terrifying that would have been for them and their parents.

Do you think these students should have the book thrown at them or be let off easily?


Image via Colin Anderson/Corbis

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