8-Year-Old Kidnapped From Her Bedroom Makes Brave Escape (VIDEO)

Police are hunting for a predator in Aurora, Colorado. An 8-year-old girl was in her bedroom when a man reportedly cut through a screen, entered her room, put his hand around her mouth, and kidnapped her. Fortunately, the girl put up a fight and she was able to get away after the unknown assailant dragged her from her house. Her father heard her screams and ran from the home, finding her in a parking alleyway behind the suburban house. Police say that the girl may have saved her own life by struggling with the would-be kidnapper, who remains on the loose.


Police say that the girl was in her room doing homework, along with another unidentified child, when the man, who had apparently slashed through a window screen, entered. He reportedly told the girl, "I know your family," put his hand over her mouth, and dragged her from the house.

Said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates in a press conference:

This young girl immediately cried out, immediately put up a fuss and struggled. Who knows if that may have saved her life.

Somehow, the girl was able to break free and screamed. Her father ran from the house and found the girl in a nearby alleyway. Police are astonished that the perpetrator would be so brazen as to try to kidnap her while her family was home -- and the house also is surrounded by fences.

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Neighbors are terrified that this could happen near them. The man is still on the loose, and cops are canvassing the area and showing a suspect sketch. Said Oates:

We think there's a predator out there. And he has to be caught, and he has to be stopped. I've been in this business a long time, and I've never seen anything like this.

The crime is incredibly reminiscent of that of Polly Klass and Elizabeth Smart, both abducted from their bedrooms. But this girl was extremely fortunate that she was able to get away. It's definitely worth teaching your young children the finer points of self-defense and how to fight back.

Fortunately, stranger danger at this level is very rare.

Do you teach your kids what to do in case of something like this?

Images via DenverPost.com/Aurora, Colorado Police

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