Man Guns Down Entire Family Because Their Dogs Wouldn't Stop Barking

If you've ever been driven mad by a neighbor's barking dog, then the story of Phoenix man Michael Guzzo might resonate with you. Guzzo is accused of killing an entire family and their two dogs after complaining for months about the dogs' noisy antics. Neighbors say that Guzzo had even put up signs warning people in the housing complex -- where barking dogs were the norm -- of fines and ordinances for their noisy pets. But apparently nothing worked, because the man finally gunned down the Moore family and their two dogs.


"Everyone here has dogs," neighbor Joni Flood, who lived a few doors down from the victims, told ABC News. Another neighbor, Libni Deleon, said that Guzzo had confronted him a few months ago over his own barking pups. Guzzo supposedly told him: "Your dogs are barking. I'm here to live in peace."

After Guzzo gunned down the Moore family -- including dad Bruce, daughter Renee, her husband Michael, and her 17-year-old son Shannon, he then reportedly walked across the courtyard to try and kill more people who owned dogs. He blasted through Libni Deleon's door with his shotgun, but Libni grabbed his own gun and then yelled at Guzzo, who opened fire again, then left and walked into his own home. There, Guzzo reportedly killed himself.

Police says that any motive attributed to the murders is pure speculation -- but reportedly neighbors are convinced this was all about the dogs.

Jacque Alderman, Bruce Moore's father, recalls that his daughter-in-law, Renee, used to tell him that Guzzo "hated" her dogs.

I can feel for someone whose life has become unbearable because of noise. But in this world, you can't have everything the way you want it. The way to deal with noise issues would be to move or call police or even sue. Yes, it's a pain the ass. But how can it be any worse than killing yourself and all your neighbors?

Have barking dogs ever driven you mad?


Image via Philip James Corwin/Corbis

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