Mechanic Finds Starving Baby in Trunk of Car He's Repairing

trunk of carA mechanic got what had to be the shock of his life when he opened the trunk of a car he was supposed to be fixing. Inside the car's trunk was a baby girl, naked, malnourished, and surrounded by excrement! And now cops say the little girl, who is between 15 and 23 months old, had been living in that trunk ever since she was born!

Thank goodness that car needed a repair, huh? Who knows how much longer that poor child would have been subjected to that treatment?


Cops say it was the little girl's own mother, a 45-year-old woman of Portuguese origin living in France, who brought the car in to the shop for a basic repair. When asked about strange noises coming from the rear end, the mom allegedly told mechanics it must be a child's electronic toy that had somehow turned itself on.

Quite an excuse, but fortunately not enough for the curious mechanic. Thank goodness for him, and thank goodness, let's face it, for the sheer stupidity of the mother in this case.

Did she really think he wouldn't take a look? You take a car to a mechanic, and they hear a noise, of course they're going to investigate. If nothing else, they might find something else wrong so they can hike your bill up a few hundred bucks.

But then maybe she did think that would suffice. After all, if cops are right, she was dumb enough to take the proof of her heinous crime out in public. The child was found right there in that car trunk, naked, dirty, and lying on bags of excrement. It's not like she was hidden.

Which, in the long run, is the best part of this whole sick tale. The child was rescued from months of abuse because of this stupidity. She won't have to be subjected to such horrors anymore.

She's safe. Because the people who did this to her were stupid.

Her mom and the mom's partner, on the other hand, are facing charges of child abuse and endangering a minor. They've lost custody of all of their kids, including three other children aged between 4 and 10.

What do you think a fair punishment would be in this case?


Image via Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

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