Mom Found Strangled to Death Next to Crib of Soundly-Sleeping 10-Month-Old

Mark Spatucci
Mark Spatucci
On Tuesday, Mark Spatucci allegedly snuck into the window of his ex-girlfriend's home and reportedly strangled her to death next to the crib where their 10-month-old baby soundly slept. The horrific incident has been dubbed the Waldwick Murder, and it's every bit the stuff nightmares are made of. 

As the story goes, Spatucci and 23-year-old Mary Greff, a former Miss New Jersey Teen USA contestant, had a baby together in February. For a short while, the couple, along with their newborn, lived together in Spatucci's home. Spatucci and Greff eventually broke up, though, and Greff and the child moved into her parents' home. Greff reportedly shared a room with the baby, so when Spatucci allegedly broke in, the infant was present for everything that happened.

Autopsy results are still pending, but at this point, all signs point to Greff being strangled. And the saddest part of all is that she was found 12 hours later on a bed near the baby's crib by her own father.


According to prosecutors, Spatucci snuck into Greff and his daughter's room undetected through a second story window. Allegedly, an argument between the pair got violent and Spatucci killed the mother of his child and left her body on the bed near the baby. Greff's parents, obviously, were asleep and didn't hear anything. It's also been reported that Greff had full custody of the infant while Spatucci had court-ordered custody visitation. Spatucci was found late Wednesday night; charged with murder, felony murder, burglary, endangering the welfare of a child, and hindering apprehension on Thursday; and Friday he had his first court appearance where he plead not guilty.

There's really nothing that can be said about something as horrific as this. An innocent child is going to grow up without its mother, and will be eternally scarred after hearing about how she died. And a father had to walk in and find his child lying dead next to his grandchild. To call this heartbreaking, disgusting, and senseless is a massive understatement. If Spatucci did, in fact, commit these crimes, hopefully he will never see the light of day again. It won't bring back Greff and undo the extreme heartbreak her family is going through. But I guess it's something. 

Thoughts and prayers to Greff's family.

If Spatucci did committ this crime, what do you think an appropriate punishment would be?


Image via Bergen County Sheriff's Office

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