Two Female Cops Beat Each Other Black & Blue Over a Guy

edeania nettles You know what they say about a woman scorned. Technically, that's a misquotation. The real saying is about a woman 'spurned', but either way I think you know what I'm getting at.  It's not a good idea to ever break a lady's heart. If you do wrong by a lady romantically, prepare for some major payback. Even if you are a police officer. And she is a police officer. And the woman you're cheating on her with is a police officer. Oy. I already have a headache.

In Florida, deputy sheriff Edeania Nettles was arrested for issuing some payback to another cop, Jennifer Hoyos. When Edeania learned that Hoyos was having an affair with her husband, police sergeant, Elbert John Nettles, she totally snapped. Full of wrath (some might say, rightfully so, I am not one of them) Nettles dragged Hoyos out of her car by her hair and issued a righteous beat-down for which she was promptly arrested.  


Sure, a little drama is a natural thing when it comes to discoveries made about infidelity. But when the drama involves people who are uh, supposed to be patrolling our streets and keeping us safe, shouldn't there be a higher standard set in place? Who knows what was going on while these two were wasting their time bickering over a dude. It's pretty pathetic.

Even more so when you consider just WHO they were fighting over. Don't let his rank fool you. Sergeant Nettles doesn't exactly sound like a guy you'd keep in your bed despite his love of eating crackers in it. The guy was suspended once for shooting off the finger of another officer during a SWAT drug raid. He was also one of the reporting officers who arrived on the scene when two female roommates called for a simple mediation. One of the roommates was shot and killed

We all have our flaws and we all deserve love, that's true. But frankly fighting over this man sounds like a waste of energy. It's also a waste of police resources. It takes time and man power to arrest and process someone. Time that was wasted on Nettles when it could have been spent dealing with real criminals.

Do you think our police officers should be held to a higher moral standard?


Image via Oceola County Jail/October 25th

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