Mugger Gets More Than He Expected When He Tries to Take Woman's Prized Possession (VIDEO)

We ladies love our purses. Beyond our partners and children, the most significant relationships in our lives are with our purses. In them, we carry everything from lipstick to perfume to tampons to diapers to iPhones to Kindles to birth control to chewing gum to credit cards to ... I'm just saying, our whole freaking LIVES are in our purses!! So don't mess with them!! One purse snatcher learned this the hard way when he tried to grab a woman's purse and run ... but she would NOT. LET. GO.


The jerk grabbed a 46-year-old woman from behind and tried to run off with her best friend. Apparently, the purse snatching scum was unaware that you do NOT try to get in the middle of a lady and her purse.

The woman did what any woman would do, she just kept hanging on. Next thing you know, the mugger was dragging the woman down the street. I mean, really dragging.

And still she would NOT. LET. GO. Check it:


That is one determined woman. Reportedly, the poor lady finally gave up and let go, and the thief ran off. It's unclear if he finally bagged her purse.

When I saw this video, I could not help but wonder if I would have hung on so long to my purse. Some things in my purse that would make me unlikely to give up easily:

- Phone. All my contacts! And I finally have some good music and lectures downloaded on it.

- Driver's license. Have you ever gone to the DMV? It sucks.

- Makeup. Sephora is not cheap.

- Sunglasses. It took me a long time to find a pair that looked good.

Yep, I'd cling on for awhile.

Would you hang on to your purse?

Image via Lucy von Held/Blend Images/Corbis

Video via NYPD/ViralNewsofDay/YouTube

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