Couple Forced Daughters to Make Porn Movies for Money (VIDEO)

A couple from Tennessee are facing hefty charges for allegedly engaging in one of the most despicable acts of violence I've ever heard of: They rented out their four daughters as performers in sex videos, according to authorities. The girls, ages 5 to 16, were found living in disgusting conditions, and the youngest one was suffering from a slew of problems arising from neglect, including head and body lice, ringworm, flea bites, and dental problems so severe she had holes in her teeth. 


Connie Sue McCall and Ronnie Lee McCall reportedly began selling their daughters' bodies to adults two or more years ago. The couple allegedly are abusers of the drug "bath salts." This excuses absolutely none of their actions, of course, but only adds to the long list of reasons why they were providing a hellish existence for their children. Authorities say they became suspicious of the couple about a year ago when they uncovered unsanitary conditions in the family's home and arrested the couple on charges of neglect. 

The girls were questioned by investigators and they revealed that they were forced to have sex with adults on film. One daughter was even taken to South Carolina to perform sex acts. The couple face at least 30 years in prison for coercion and enticement of a minor and two counts of production of child pornography. 

What an absolutely deplorable story. The only silver lining here would be if investigators can run with this and nail every single psycho who either had sex with the underage girls on camera or held a video camera or lighting fixture while this was going on. How anyone could sleep at night knowing they profited off the prostitution and slavery of a child is anyone's guess. I hope all of the girls, who are currently in the custody of child protective services, find a safe home with loving providers who are willing to adopt them as a family. 

What are your thoughts on the actions of these parents and the charges they face? 


Image via YouTube

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