Woman Who Miscarried Poisons 2 Pregnant Friends in a Jealous Rage

poisonA woman who had suffered three miscarriages grew so jealous that her friend and sister-in-law got pregnant that she poisoned them, forcing them to miscarry, so she wasn't alone. Angela Maier says that she was depressed after her miscarriages and couldn't deal with the fact that two women she was close with were about to experience motherhood without her. "I couldn't stand the thought of them having babies who would be growing up when mine was dead," Maier said. "Mine should have been with them as well, but instead mine died while theirs went on."

Maier used a drug she was prescribed after her miscarriage on both women. For her friend, Maier told her she had a special drink for pregnant women that she no longer needed, and she put the medicine into a glass of water. And for her sister-in-law, she put the prescription into hot chocolate and "watched [her] drink it." Both women started bleeding a short while after they consumed what Maier gave them and, tragically, miscarried as well.


Maier eventually wound up having a baby of her own -- her daughter is now 3 -- and when she found out that both her friend and sister-in-law were pregnant, she confessed to what she did. She's since been sentenced to 18 months in prison with 14 suspended. The court ruled that she was of sound mind when she committed these horrific acts, but acknowledged the fact that she was depressed.

Eighteen months in prison (with 14 suspended) doesn't seem like a sufficient punishment for a crime like this, if you ask me. What Maier did goes well beyond depression. It was pure evil. I can't imagine the pain and suffering she was going through, but she watched two women who loved her drink poison. She killed their unborn babies.

Also, it's unsettling that no one knew just how unhinged Maier had become or that she had grown homicidal. The court ruled that she was of sound mind, but there had to have been something beyond general depression with her. If only someone could have stopped this tragedy from happening.

The fact that Maier confessed to what she did on her own volition shows she has a shred of humanity in her. But even with taking that into account, this doesn't seem to be a case where the punishment fits the crime.

Do you think Maier's punishment fits her crime?


Image via Thom Lang/Corbis

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